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As we offer a fixed price for every stage in the floor restoration process, we can create the restoration programme to fit your budget.

You’ll know exactly what you will be paying - with no surprise costs.

When you call on us, we provide:

Fixed prices  

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Work at your convenience

Although a floor restoration project is disruptive, we will keep the inconvenience of sanding and having rooms out of action to a minimum. A job takes at least a full day – and several days for large or multiple rooms.


We can work during evenings and at weekends, if necessary, to enable you to get back to business or your usual domestic routine. We will give you approximate timings during your free assessment.


And if you need an overnight or speedy job, we can accommodate you. An Estee Lauder beauty salon in central London posed several challenges. There were heavy sunbeds and chairs to remove.  We then used five teams of sanders to prepare the floors - with heaters for the fast drying of each coat of sealant. An intensive but satisfying job – with the salon reopening for business the following morning!

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Carpets away

Old carpets can be awkward and heavy – and you may need a van to take them away to the tip. You may also leave pieces behind as you rip them up – and carpet staples need special tools for their safe removal.


So leave it to us. We can quickly deal with every last trace of old carpet – and dispose of them in the right place.

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Shifting furniture

We need to work on a completely clear room – but don’t be put off getting your floor sanded because the room is filled


The Guild of Master Craftsmenwith heavy furniture. Just ask us to do this for you - and, as important, replace it without damaging your pristine new floor!

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Minimal dust

The older-style drum sanders are noisy and spread dust that can linger for days. Our modern cylinder machines capture 98% of all dust. They have a unique dust collection system – as the bags remain outside each room as it is sanded. Dust is further restricted by the careful masking of doors and windows - and frequent vacuuming.

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An authentic job

Wooden floors of many styles have been popular over the centuries in the UK, so we are fortunate to have a substantial reserve of reclaimed timber as older buildings are either demolished or their floors replaced.  It is usually possible for us to match the existing wooden boards or blocks with timber from our suppliers nationwide. Sometimes this proves a challenge…Sealing Eco Home in London


A set of offices in Central London had 1930s parquet floors – with about 40 sq feet of blocks missing. We searched for replacements in the capital, to no avail. Going further afield to Nottingham, the right blocks surfaced from the demolition of an old mews.


One small problem... they were twice the size! So we cut them in half by hand, laid them - and sealed the floor with three coats of hard wax.


The company now work in a modern glass-partitioned office - complemented splendidly by a period parquet floor.


Stair stripping

Sanding and sealing a stairway is a highly painstaking job. Many stairs have lain forgotten under old carpet, paint or sealant for years. Yet a restored stairway can become an outstanding feature in your home, municipal or commercial premises.


We strip and sand the entire tread and risers – allowing the whole stairway to be stained and varnished. For a really striking effect, we can paint the risers in white and leave the steps in clear varnish.


Please note: we usually only treat these parts of the stairs and not banisters.

In Sand N Seal We Use High Quaility Stains

Wooden decking

Attractive when new, these garden features soon become victims of the weather, dirt and careless feet. They then look grubby at best and - once the top layer begins to peel - an ugly embarrassment.


So ask us to sand the surface. Removing the old fibres will reveal a new fresh layer underneath.


Then apply decking oil or stain - for an impressive new finish.

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‘Nothing to it….  I’ll hire a machine... .’

Go ahead. It’s your floor, but please consider first the kind of result you are looking for. Floor sanding is a skilled job: there are good reasons why it’s best left to trained professionals.  


A hire shop will give you a drum sander: old fashioned and heavy (so think about the need to carry it into the house. Let alone upstairs..).Why use us


When you start sanding, you’ll be struck by the noise and the dust - and its reluctance to be manoeuvred in the way you want.  Getting a smooth finish won’t be straightforward – and you may end up with ugly clatter marks on the floor. There is also the danger of sanding away too much wood (how many previous sandings has the floor had?) Once the wood is gone, you can’t put it back – and sealants won’t have proper adhesion.


Please don’t offer us yet another one of these jobs we hate. We do our best -but the marks of amateur efforts are sometimes on the floor for ever. You’ll end up paying three times over: for your attempts, our rectification of the damage – and the sanding we should have done in the first place.


Restoring a wooden floor involves far more than the physical act of sanding. You need to fully understand your floor to decide on the right treatment and sealants. So ask us first: we’ll give you a free assessment and the best possible advice.

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